The Place2Be

The Place2Be is an innovative, growing charity that supports children’s emotional development by offering a space where they can express their feelings through talking, creative work and play. The Place2Be delivers a range of services directly to children, parents and staff in schools and has been working in partnership with Canal View Primary for 8 years.

The Place2Be is for:

Children who have experienced lots of changes in their lives.
Children whose family is managing something difficult, such as separation, illness or death.
Children who want to feel more confident in friendships.
Children who behave in withdrawn or challenging ways.

“Gives you time to discuss stuff that may be bothering you.”

“By helping to get your brain settled.”

The Place2Be aims to help encourage confidence, nurture independence and raise children’s self-esteem by providing an environment where they can express their feelings safely and provide time for them to feel considered and supported.

“The Place2Be is great and I am glad it’s in my school.”

The Place2Talk

One aspect of the service is The Place2Talk – a lunchtime drop-in service which is open to all pupils every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Here pupils can make an appointment to spend 15 minutes with a trained counsellor to talk about friendships, concerns or any worries they may have. This is very popular service and pupils can attend by themselves or with friends.

“The Place2Be changed my life. I am a lot less nervous and I can go up and talk to people more easily now.”

If you would like to know more about The Place2Be in Canal View Primary, please ask at the school office.